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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Discrimination on the Basis of Martial Status

Gay people believe they are being discriminated on the basis of their sexual orientation and want the New Jersey Supreme Court to find people of the same sex have a right to marry. That’s what they say anyway.

What gays are really after are the perks married people receive under state and federal law. Unmarried people suffer discrimination and gays are just one small subset of the “single” population getting the short end of the stick.

Shouldn’t everyone have the right to have people visit them in the hospital, to have someone hold their hand as they die? Or should this right only be granted based on martial status?

Fifty-four percent of adult woman in the U.S. are unmarried. Forty-eight percent of households nationwide are maintained by unmarried men and women. But being unmarried doesn’t mean single people aren’t dependent on one another for financial support. Friends, cousins and other extended family members live together in committed relationships for decades. Should they have their homes taxed away when one of them dies simply because of their marital status?

Do away with the inheritance taxes and no gets hurt – straight or gay. Or give everyone the right to designate one person they can leave their estate to tax free. Give everyone the right to name a primary person who can speak for them in medical emergencies, visit them in hospital or hold their hand as they lie dying. Wouldn’t these changes solve the problem for everyone, including gay people?

The gay rights movement hasn’t being working toward addressing the hardships and obstacles faced by single people or toward the achievement of equal rights for all. If the LGBT advocacy groups really cared about civil rights, their work would have been on behalf of all non-married people, but it hasn’t. It’s all about getting in on the special rights enjoyed by the married at the expense of others.

The New Jersey Supreme Court should be addressing discrimination on basis of martial status. Instead they agree to hear a case with the potential to further divide people. The state legislature could easily fix the problems government caused in the first place. But politicians prefer to take the easy way out and let unelected judges find special interests rights in New Jersey’s Constitution. No matter how the court rules, the majority of single people will continue to pay the price of martial discrimination.

This isn’t a case about civil rights, it’s all about special rights and recent New Jersey Supreme Court history has shown a lack of common sense to understand the difference.
Blogger DBK said...

Are you aware that because of federal incompetence, over $300 million worth of trailer homes that were bought for the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina are sitting in Arkansas and rotting and are becoming rapidly worthless? $300 million because the GOP can't run the government worth a damn and the clowns who came in promising that they would run the government like a business have run it like a business destined to fail, and it is failing since the debt is sky-high, but you bitch and moan because my father-in-law manages to find someone to sit with my mother-in-law every now and again when the weather permits and spends a whole $15 on himself for a round of golf. A 75 year old man with health problems and he is primary care-giver to a 74 year old woman with Parkinson's who also had a stroke five years ago. My mother-in-law broke her hip two years ago and had to spend 100 days in care at a facility. But it might have cost you a few pennies so let her die, right? Are you aware that the Prescription Drug Bill that was supposed to be a great thing was actually a huge boondoggle? Did you know that bill makes it illegal for the government to negotiate a better price for the drugs we pay for? Yeah, but my father-in-law gets to play a round of golf every so often, so that's what puts the bug up your ass. Did you know that $9 billion went missing in Iraq and nobody can account for it and nobody ever will? That's $9 billion of taxpayer money, but if my father-in-law got ten rounds of golf in during the past year instead of none, that's an issue with you because you work so hard and pay so much taxes. Did you know that the average person who earns more than a $1 million per year pays 23% in taxes because of tax loopholes? I certainly don't earn anywhere near $1 million a year but I pay more than that in taxes. Oh, but bitch some more about my father-in-law playing golf. I'm surprised you don't complain that my mother-in-law, who is a veteran by the way, had the nerve to stay alive. Did you know that 62% of American corporations that make more than a billion dollars in profits per year paid no taxes in 2004 because they had PO boxes in places like the Cayman Islands so they could claim they are not American companies, and that Halliburton is one of them? And that they all get government contracts and take the taxpayer money and give nothing back? Yeah, but that father-in-law of mine, he played golf last year. The rat. He is the reason you have to pay so much in taxes, right? My father-in-law is the problem. Right. Stop being so ignorant and you wouldn't have to be criticized for it.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Chanice said...

You pay more than $230,000 a year in federal income taxes? Really or are you just fibbing?

If it's true, shame on you for not helping your in-laws with the extra $250 a year for their Medicare premiums!

How do you sleep at night knowing that while you and your wife eat at the Frog and the Peach restaurant,"Granny is making dog food taste like filet mignon"?

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Bob said...

If you are going to address discrimination based on marital status, please begin with the penalty married couples face when filing their IRS form.

11:27 AM  
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