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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Give Us Extra Credit for Education Spending

Since taking office President George Bush has increased federal spending on public schools by $13.8 billion. That’s a thirty-three percent increase since 2001, bringing this year’s total federal spending for public schools to $56 billion.

Some people are never satisfied. A woman by the name of Sharon GR on Blue Jersey Net wrote:

U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings makes her first visit to Our Fair State today. She will be speaking at Fairleigh Dickinson University then visiting the acclaimed Robert Treat Academy Charter School in Newark. She is not expected to visit any public schools where Children have been Left Behind.
What children does Sharon GR think Margaret Spellings has 'Left Behind'? If she means kids in other Newark schools and if she’s talking about school funding, she is very mistaken. I have been studying the School Report Cards and Newark spends more per school child than any other community in Essex County.

New Jersey spends more per child on education than any other state and our state spends more per student in the poor Abbott Districts than for school children in well-to-do neighborhoods. Do the research and you’ll see that Newark spends $15,796, Camden spends $15,091 and Jersey City spends $14,420 per child.

We can spend all the money in the world, but money can’t make kids learn. Parents must be role models for their children and teach them the importance of an education and of applying themselves in school. A change in the attitude of parents and children is what’s needed to keep children from getting left behind.

So many people I know are like Sharon. They make sarcastic remarks, but they don’t have any information to back up their comments. Maybe Sharon doesn’t know any better or maybe she’s just trying to mislead people. I don’t know.

It’s the negative attitude many people have in this state that bothers me. Here we spend all this money on our kids and people like Sharon won’t give us any credit. Communicating misleading information doesn’t help anybody either.
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