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Sunday, February 26, 2006

On Carnival Hosting and the Olympics

I wasn’t included in this week’s Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers. I’ll try again next week. I don’t think this week’s host put much effort into his Carnival post, last week’s was great. Oh well, I’ll just need to try harder to write something worthy. I’m not giving up.

The Olympics are just about over and right now they’re closing the games with a carnival theme. I thought the Italians did a great job as hosts. I enjoyed watching those events I was able to stay up late enough to see and my favorite was the women’s figure skating.

I thought Sasha Cohen was fantastic. I’ve never seen anyone skate so perfectly with the music. If you weren’t able to see Sasha Cohen skate you really missed out, she’s the best I’ve ever seen. She had it all, beauty grace and athleticism. Yes, she fell in her long program and it cost her the gold medal, but what a gutsy performance – she never gave up. Like so many of the athletes her will to succeed was inspiring, her talent incredible. I hope she gives the Olympics another shot – she’s too good not to be gold
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