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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Week One

I have been blogging for a week now and so far I think about three people have read what I’ve written - me, my cousin and DBK. Ha! My cousin thinks I’m wasting my time and DBK thinks I’m - fill in the blank with one of about 17 or so names he called me in his comments here. Me, I’m going to keep plugging away as long as I keep learning and have something to say.

I’ve asked to join the Carnival of the New Jersey bloggers, so if they include me maybe I’ll get a few more readers. I’m really hoping to engage in some intelligent debate about the issues and maybe persuade a few people to a new way of thinking. Maybe I’ll be persuaded to look at some things differently too. So much of life is dependent on attitude. I hope to keep mine positive and to stay motivated.

Update: Make that at least four readers. Overlawyered is the first to link to one of my postings with their post- Kreimer gets another settlement.
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