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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cranky Man in a Bubble

Have you noticed “progressive” bloggers in New Jersey seem cranky lately? A case in point is a progressive Christian blogger known as the Xpatriated Texan who has written a nasty post – You Can Lead a Conservative to the Library but you can't make them think. Or even stop being intentionally misleading.

This guy is so closed minded. Here’s what he wrote, “For the most part, I ignore the Conservative blogosphere. There are a few bloggers I respect, but exposure to their tactics and tantrums only shortens that list. However, against my better judgment, I flipped over to a Con-blog and read some disturbingly inaccurate info.”

Tactics and tantrums? Has he read the major “progressive” blogs lately? Anyway, Xpatriated Texan is picking on a “particular blogger, Smadanek and the inacurate (sic) info is the direct connection between "tax climate" and Gross State Product growth rates.”

He’s calling Ken Adams out for being stupid and a liar? Very cranky indeed. Enlighten-NewJersey points out the slight of hand the former Texan employs – when the data doesn’t fit your worldview ignore it. This attitude also explains his avoidance of “the Conservative blogosphere”, the truth is more than he can bare. It makes him cranky.
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