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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fear of Cory Booker and School Vouchers

Steven Hart is using old propaganda from a 2002 article on Black Commentator to trash Cory Booker as a candidate for mayor of Newark.
I can see that Newark's public schools are a disaster. But I can also see that vouchers are a false hope, dangled before desperate parents by people who ordinarily couldn't care less about lower-class black people, but who have a great deal invested in the conservative religion of privatization and would love to undermine teachers unions -- the last truly effective labor organizations in America, and thus the favored targets of winger commentators across the country.
Wow, so many assumptions in one very long sentence and not a lick or link of proof to back any of them up. Is Booker campaigning on school vouchers, because if he is I must have missed it? This is 2006 isn’t it?

If Booker favors vouchers, I doubt it’s because he “couldn't care less about lower-class black people”. God forbid someone dare shakeup the status quo in Newark, good things might happen. And what’s this about “lower-class black people” from someone who claims to be a progressive?

Newark’s schools are a disaster, as you can see from the student proficiency tests, but what’s the answer to the problem? Newark’s per student cost is the highest in the state, so money isn’t the problem. Steve offers no solutions, just a commercial for the “last truly effective labor organizations in America”. Teachers unions have been effective in one thing, feathering their own nests while crapping on everyone below.

As I have said before, an attitude change by many parents is desperately needed, but there are parents who care deeply about getting their children the best education possible. Shouldn’t these parents have a chance to get their kids out of failing schools? Not according to Steve, the teachers unions and government know best.

Steve thinks the education system in Newark is hopeless and he seems more concerned about protecting the teachers unions than about helping the kids. What's the objective here, improving the kid's chances for a better life or preserving political power and the education monopoly?
But I know a Trojan horse when I see one, and the voucher cult offers nothing but a chance to turn poorly performing public schools into even more poorly performing private schools.
Steve has no proof to backup his opinion and he makes the ridiculous assumption the children would do poorly no matter what school they attend. Competition has a way of waking people up and kicking their performance up a notch or two. Why should it be any different with schools? Produce a lousy product and people won’t buy it. Vouchers would allow parents to buy the better product whether it is a public or a private school. Why the fear of competition if Steve truly believes private schools would be even worse that the public schools, if that’s even possible?

Steve fears change, change to a system of school choice and change in the way Newark is governed. A successful departure from the failed progressive polices and the usual Democratic control of Newark would put the lie to everything Steve believes and champions. That’s a change and outcome he’s not willing to face. And that’s why he’s trashing Cory Booker.
Blogger Sluggo said...

Good job. Steve should take the Moynihan Challenge.


1:10 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Newark’s per student cost is the highest in the state, so money isn’t the problem."

How true and yet how universally ignored.

I recall seeing a piece on TV years ago (Maybe on 60 Minutes?) about a woman in a city (New York? Washington? Chicago? It was quite a while ago) who ran what amounts to a one-room school. She managed to turn out bright, motivated and successful kids, and she did it all with a blackboard and some chalk.

Money is not the answer.

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Chanice, if I hadn't been hosting the Carnival this week I'd have never known you were trying to argue with me.

Repeat after me: Technorati tag, Technorati tag . . . or drop a comment in the comments field of the post that outraged you so much. No need to be afraid. Mr. Snitch tried to call me out on some nonsense a few months back and it ended up being rather fun.

I'm busy now but we'll talk again later in the week. Say hi to Sluggo for me and try to do something about that comment spam, eh?

4:05 PM  
Blogger Chanice said...

It probably would have been a good idea if I had checked to see who was hosting before submitting a posting for the Carnival. I wasn't trying to bust your buttons, but I do look forward to the debate when you have some time.

I'm still feeling my way around and am not up to speed with Technorati. I hope to learn more as I go. Perhaps I haven't learned as quickly as I should have, but I don't think Technorati always works.

8:35 PM  
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