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Sunday, March 19, 2006

I’m Hooked

As I mentioned before our TV conked out, but my cousin and I have been lucky enough to be invited to a friend’s home to watch the Sopranos the past two weeks. We just got home.

I don’t normally get hooked on serial shows, but for some reason this show is different. Even my cousin, who originally made fun of me for watching the Sopranos, can’t wait to see each new episode. The show is well acted and written, but there something else that keeps us coming back.

Why we do enjoy the show so much? For me I think it’s because I enjoy the physiological aspects of the show, the relationships among characters and the window we have into their thoughts and feelings.

Despite all of the horrible things the Tony character has done, broken every one of the 10 commandments on a regular basis, I feel deep down he is a decent person and I want to see him change. I want to see good triumph over evil – inside the man. I have always wanted to see Tony change on his own accord.

Where the show is going, I don’t know, but if …
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