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Sunday, March 05, 2006


My blog was included in this week’s, Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers # 42 but I don’ think anyone cared much for my idea for Ft. Monmouth – no comments. Maybe I expect too much, too soon. But on the bright side the link did generate some visitors.

I thought about emailing bloggers I enjoy reading and introducing myself and this blog, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing that. Although, I wouldn’t mind if someone wrote to me. How do other people get started? My cousin says try writing something interesting. That doesn’t sound encouraging does it? Better practice my writing.

I’ve also been thinking I should add blogs I read frequently to my links section. My original thought was to add blogs to the list as they linked to NJFC as a way of measuring progress. But maybe that’s one of the purposes of Technorati. I still come back to Overlawyered linking to me and not showing up, so who knows how you find out who’s linking. I’m not really obsessed with this linking stuff, it’s just a recognition that if no one links, no one will read.

My cousin, who has asked to remain nameless on this blog, is still giving me a hard time for starting this project. She doesn’t think it’s a proper use of valuable time. As if talking non-stop on the telephone was. I’ll try to take her advice and write something interesting this week. And I'll give another shot at the Carnival of the Insanities – New Jersey’s got to have something worthy of that distinction every week. Right?
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