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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sharpe James Will Run For Re-election as Mayor of Newark

New Jersey state Senator and Newark Mayor, Sharpe James announced today he is seeking re-election to a sixth term as major of the state’s largest city.

Sporting a bright yellow jacket, James made his announcement while riding a bicycle around the atrium of City Hall. The only thing missing from this clown’s act was a big red nose and a bicycle horn.

Now that Sharpe James is in, Newark Deputy Mayor and state Senator Ronald Rice will no doubt drop out of the May 9 nonpartisan election. This sets up a rematch against former city councilman Cory Booker and Sharpe "Rolls Royce" James.

Cory Booker, 36, is a Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law School graduate and Sharpe James, 70, is a scam artist who has milked Newark and the state dry for his own personal profit. This really should be no contest if the voters in Newark have paid any attention to what’s been going on for the past twenty, plus years. But, look for another slime campaign from James and for money winding up in all the right pockets.

The corruption in Newark has got to be rampant and deep. James needs to stay in office to protect himself and his cronies from all the dirt that would come out if a new Mayor was elected. I’m sure Cory Booker would enjoy nothing better than watching Court TV with Sharpe James as the star. Me too.
Blogger Priscilla said...

I don't even need to read to the post (though I did) the image sums it up perfectly.

11:28 PM  
Blogger njgalaxie73 said...

Here in North Bergen we have a PG-13 rated mini version of him by the name of Nick Sacco.

I really feel as though machine politicians have learned from machine pols from the past who got caught because they didn't neccesarily know how to cover their tracks all that well. Not to mention that they keep plenty of "friends" close by so they can throw them to the wolves to cover their backsides if need be.

There are so many of these machine hacks all over Hudson, Essex and Camden Counties that are largely responsible for the financial dire straits the state is in. I think that James losing to Cory Booker would be a much needed shock to the system like when Bret Schundler won in Jersey City. I really hope Mr. Booker can pull it out this time.

3:39 PM  
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