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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tami, the One Untrue

Today I feel moved to write about something I was saddened to read, but can’t let pass without comment. I happened upon a New Jersey blog, The One True Tami, and was really taken aback by her posting - Stuff You Didn't Want to Know About Me. She’s right, I didn’t, but now that she’s shared her views, I feel I should comment.

Before I do, you should know Tami considers herself a progressive and her blog is typically devoted to parroting the usual liberal talking points on every issue. What struck me about this particular posting was her willingness to admit she was raised a bigot and that she unapologetically remains a bigot. Is this a "progressive" value? No, but it is a trend I'm beginning to notice on far-left blogs.

Tami, as she explains, was raised to be anti-Christian and “managed to grow up wondering if all the people in the world who actually believe that Jesus died for their sins, literally - and that's a LOT of people! - were really, really stupid, naive, or a combination of the two.”

Tami comes by way of this conclusion, because she as tells the story she’s Jewish and “my parents experienced just enough antisemitism in their lives to try and give me a healthy dose of caution to use in my day-to-day dealings.” Got that? For the record, anti-semitism in any amount is too much for me. Anyway, Tami writes “I'm anti-Christian, but I'm not anti-values.” Where have I heard that logic before?

Tami goes on to tell us “I really do feel like we have to take responsibility for our own behavior, and that following the glamorously named "golden rule" does indeed make the world a better place for everyone.”

Next, Tami offers another confession - she derives pleasure from the misfortunes of others. “I'm still guilty of a giant dose of schadenfreude. Oh, yeah, I love watching people who pretend to be righteous get busted.” What a sad and telling realization to share. She pretends to be progressive and clearly she is not.

For me, I was very sad to find a woman proud of her prejudiced beliefs and who is thrilled by the misfortunes of others. Tami’s attitude is poisonous and will lead to nothing but her own personal unhappiness. I honestly feel sorry for her, but I won't accept her excuses for her bigoted outlook and expressions. She's obviously free to say whatever she likes, just as I am free to call her out for the narrow-mindedness she espouses and her hypocrisy.

It is my belief that people in a civil society should speak out against bigotry in all of its forms and we each should do whatever we can to discourage it. Consider this my attempt to do just that. Tami needs help, let us pray that she receives it.
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