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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Week Four

The big news on week four of my blogging was Jim at Parkway Rest Stop sent a “Jimbolaunche” my way. His posting and support are very much appreciated. More emails and comments with advice, encouragement and wit came from valued readers and fellow bloggers, so a big thank you to everyone who took the time to send some motivation my way.

I do appreciate the advice and you’ll notice I have changed the comments configuration so that anyone can leave a comment – registered on not. I hadn’t realized I was making commenting a hassle for some people, cross my fingers I made the change correctly.

More blogs were added to my links section this week - Bob the Corgi, eCache, Fausta's Blog, NJ Fiscal Folly, Parkway Rest Stop and Sluggo Needs a Nap. All blogs I’ve enjoy reading and hope you will visit often if not already on your regular reading list. You’ll also see I added a blog with the every inviting name, Knit Along With Me, so go on over and make yourself at home.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by New Jersey For Change and hope to see you again next week – my week five.
Blogger Sluggo said...

Thanks for the link, Chanice. It was actually a boost from Jim that got me off the schneid a couple years ago.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:58 PM  

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