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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Corzine Watch, Pumping Gas and Technorat Finds

I’m still trying to figure out an effective way to use Technorati. I was curious to find blog posts on the pump your own gas issue here in New Jersey and thought I’d give it a try. I found a mish mash of posts, like this one – Hey, New Jersey! Pump Your Own Gas, Losers*, but did not have much luck finding posts from New Jersey bloggers.

From the articles I have read, people aren’t very enthusiastic about the change and for what my little blog reader survey is worth, women less so. Most news articles all say about the same thing, including as I said before, there’s not much in the way of evidence we’d save money at the pump if the law was changed.

Pamela Fischer, vice president of public affairs for AAA New Jersey Automobile Club, said the club opposes lifting the ban because there's no proof that doing so would help prices. In other states that allowed self-serve, prices have often risen as the full-service price becomes the self-service price, she said.
I’m sure someday the law will be changed, but it won’t be happening in the near future. Frankly, I don’t know why Governor Corzine is continuing to push the idea. I suppose he’d rather be in the news for self-serve gas pumping and lowering speed limits than for his proposed budget and tax increases.

My Technorati search did turn up a blog called CorzineWatch.com and this nifty code to track the number of posts on a specific term. Here is the automatically updating chart for ‘Corzine’. The Corzine Watch bloggers might want to add this graph to their site as a novelty. Anyway, I hope they keep a close eye on Corzine’s doings – Ken Adams caught the Governor in another whopper.

* He must work in New Jersey and is one angry person.

Corzine per day for the last 60 days.
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Blogger taxmaxed said...

I grew up in Michigan where "Full Service" meant someone at the gas station asked if you wanted your oil checked and cleaned your windshield. "Self Service" was a penny or two cheaper because the attendant didn't clean your windshield or check your oil. I'd like to ask, when's the last time anyone at a "Full Service" gas station in New Jersey cleaned your windows or asked about your oil? I have a hard time believing that "Self Service" in NJ will do anything to help lower the price. Just gives the guys a good excuse for not having to pretend to give you "Full Service".

4:08 PM  
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