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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, my cousin and I are spending a quite day at home watching the rain turn the earth green – at least it is in our little neck of the woods.

The state of New Jersey has a very unattractive website devoted to Earth Day and explains since the first celebration on April 22, 1970 “New Jersey has become one of the leaders in recognizing environmental problems and developing creative solutions.” If you curious to learn more about our state’s pioneering efforts in environmental protection click here.

The federal government has an Earth Day portal with environmental highlights and action you can take to accelerate environmental progress – at home, at work, in the classroom and in your community.

At the international level you can get Earth Day in a Box or for a spiritual take you can get Religious Earth Day in a Box. You also take an Ecological Footprint Quiz which supposedly estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. After answering 15 questions you'll be able to compare your Ecological Footprint to what other people use and to what is available on this planet.

If you take the quiz, I’d be curious to know how many planets you score. Here’s my result – 7.2 planets would be needed if everyone lived like me.

Blogger Ken Adams said...

I managed to get 37.4 Earths on my second try.

11:31 PM  
Blogger Bob the Corgi said...

I rated 9.7 planets and I am annoyed. There were no questions regarding personal conservation practices or home recycling and nothing for gardeners who compost.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Ken Adams said...

That's because it's not really a green agenda, it's simply an anti-industrial , anti-growth agenda.
It's really skewed, as you would get a much higher score for living on a farm and subsisting on meat & eggs than for living in a crowded apartment building and eating vegan.
I told it I lived with 7 other people in a 500 square feet, and got a score of 2 acres (vs. 4.5 acres the earth can supposedly support). Changing the number of people to 1, it increased the score to 4 acres.

9:37 AM  
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