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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Man in the Mirror

From L.A. Parker in today’s Trentonian:

Every person living in Trenton turns a blind eye toward the real hard facts regarding an escalation of problems in the African American community.

"I don’t see (other groups) killing each other the way we do. We want to blame everybody else instead of dealing with the real issues. This is our problem.’’

While politicians make promises as they rush toward the May 9 general election, a single campaign initiative should include a mirror for every African American male living or being stalked by death in Trenton.

They [politicians] and their spin doctors tell us that we need them with the sincerity of a sly mechanic looking under your hood on a lonely stretch of highway.

What we need is for African American men to stand up for employment, education, community, family, love and determination.

What we need are prayers offered up towards the heavens followed by action.

Break out the mirrors African American men.

The enemy has been identified and regrettably it’s us.
Amen, brother!
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