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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Jerseyans Seeing Red

Slowly, but surely New Jersey is turning red. Governor Corzine has proposed a state budget that breaks each of his campaign promises and has everyone up in arms over his tax and spending spree. You can’t increase state spending by 9.2 percent and get people with half a brain to believe your budget contains billions in spending cuts.

Even the Democrats in the Trenton aren’t going along with Corzine’s script – rejecting his tax increases and calling for actual spending cuts. Still, Corzine remains tone deaf, pressing for $250 million in additional spending for three stem cell research facilities and complaining it’s "unconscionable" that the spending measure hasn’t sailed through the legislature. I guess the magic words “stem cells” aren’t working as planned. Reality has set in, we can’t afford it.

Yesterday, New Jersey voters rejected nearly half the state's local school district budgets.. Schools fared even worse on additional spending on second ballot questions with sixty-six percent being rejected by voters. You know things are bad when even socialists are voting no on school spending.

In fairness I should cofess (sic) that I voted NO on both counts and I did so because I can't afford to pay more than the $13,000 (and change) that I already fork over annually in property taxes. It wasn't a question of values for me, it was basic economic reality. I fancy myself a liberal progressive who regards education as a big priority. The bitter irony is that I may spend my entire adult life advocating to transform New Jersey into a socialist workers paradise only to be priced out of Cherry Hill in retirement.
It’s amazing how ‘conservative’ people become when it involves their own money. New Jersey has become a ‘socialist workers paradise”, but ‘basic economic reality’ proves the system bankrupt. It’s just taken some people longer to figure out that a ‘socialist paradise’ is a taxpayer hell.

So the people of New Jersey are beginning to see red and wise up. The latest Rasmussen poll has Tom Kean up by seven points over Bob Menendez in the senate race. I’m not surprised. Menendez voted against the 3,416,000 New Jerseyans who benefited from the ‘Bush tax cuts’. The tax cuts for ‘the rich’ turned out to be tax cuts for New Jersey and I’m betting most people would rather keep it that way.
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