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Monday, April 03, 2006

This and That

Just a little of this and that I came across today.

Alec Bladwin blogging on the Huffington Post is dissing our Governor Corzine, along with some other politicans.

The Filthy Report is pulling no punches and I like the name of this second new, New Jersey blog I just found, Stop NJ Tax Hikes. Great name. A few million more people with a similar opinion and we just might have a chance to turn our state around.

The Coalliton of the Swilling “can't keep them all straight [NJ Democrats] ~ they all sound so much alike.” The Coalition must be referring to Bob’s Baggage, another new site I just found.

As the illegal immigration issue continues to heat up, Jim at Parkway Rest Stop has a post that places everything in perceptive.

Howard Dean says President Bush and the Republican Party are playing politics with immigration, and using Hispanics for scapegoats. Are the Democrats for or against illegal immigration?

Tom Delay has decided not to run for reelection. There goes a big page out of the Democrats’ playbook. Oh well, they can still run on surrendering in Iraq, raising taxes and impeaching President Bush.
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