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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Week Six

Six weeks down and another 1,800 to go in order to equal Kate’s achievement of 300,000 visitors. Yea, at the rate I’m going it’ll take me 34 and one-half years. My cousin is laughing her head off as she reads over my shoulder. It does sound funny though, doesn’t it.?

I plan to plug along, if for no other reason than because blogging is forcing me to pay closer attention to New Jersey issues. As others have suggested, I should blog for mysself and if others find something I’ve written worthwhile, I should consider that a bonus. Good advice.

The big news for me this week is the new TV that my cousin and I bought yesterday. Thankfully, the old was taken away to wherever old TVs go, the new one is looking good and my cousin is smiling again. Our friends who had been good enough to invite us to see the Sopranos, taped last week’s episode, so we are now all up-to-date with our favorite show. I found this week’s installment unsettling, but that’s probably how I felt about most of the shows from previous years and just forgot over the past eighteen months.

We’ve sprung forward with the time and I’m exhausted before the workweek even starts. I’m going to bed. Enjoy your week and hope to see you around.
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