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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Who Will Clean Up the Mess?

Tenants want a mayor who'll clean up mess. The residents at Seth Boyden Elderly Public Housing Project, say they don't much care who gets elected mayor of Newark just as long it's someone who deals with the rats running through the ceiling above the community room.

Prod one of the ceiling panels with a stick and a small storm of pellet-like rat turds rain down on the floor and the smell is unbearable. But that's still not as big a problem as the security, which residents say is lax in the evening and then non-existent from midnight until 8 a.m., leaving the hallways free to the drug dealers and prostitutes.
New Jersey spends $175 million, plus millions more in federal funds and yet, the people who should have benefited from our money are living in these horrible conditions.

"I'm not asking for much, I just want the maintenance people and the security people to do their jobs," Johnson said. "To me that's what this election is about -- who's going to get the job done?"

Four years ago, that was a question Newark Housing Authority tenants answered with a resounding vote for incumbent Mayor Sharpe James.

"He has 100 percent authority," Mary Rone of the Newark Tenants Council said about the mayor. "The mayor appoints al most everybody that sits on the board."
Why do these folks continue to vote for these scoundrels and crooks, along with many voters who claim to care about the most vulnerable. Does anyone pay attention to what’s been going on? Not at all, they just call for more spending and pat themselves on the back for being so compassionate and progressive.
Candidate for Newark mayor, Ronald Rice has long fought for low-income housing appropriations in Trenton and, as West Ward councilman, was a regular at tenant association meetings at places like Bradley Court.
Rice is currently Deputy Mayor and a state Senator, as is Newark’s Mayor Sharpe James. The pair fought for tax dollars so they could enrich themselves and their friends. It certainly wasn’t used for public housing. Reason enough to vote for Cory Booker for mayor.

The Newark Housing Authority has been labeled a “troubled agency” by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for misusing $20 million in federal funds. Unless there is a major turnaround, the federal government will be forced to take over the Newark Housing Authority, just as feds have been forced to oversee the UMDNJ.

The scathing audits from the federal Office of Inspector General said Housing Authority officials used $3.9 million to buy land for a downtown arena that should have been used for housing. The agency also paid the city, under the direction of the James administration, $7 million for police protection and other services that HUD officials say they aren't sure housing authority residents ever received.
How long have the Democrats controlled Newark? How long has Sharpe James been mayor? How many billions have taxpayers sent the city? The schools, the healthcare system, the housing authority – the Democrat's culture of corruption has become accepted as the price of political power from the Governor on down.

"It's been messed up so long," Lonnie Johnson said. "Sometimes you feel like nobody even cares."
Democrats have taken the minority vote for granted and have used the poor and the helpless as excuses for continuing their failed socialist polices. It’s enough to make you sick. When are people going to wake up and say enough is enough? New Jersey needs major political change – there’s no defending the status quo.
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