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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blue Bigotry

Blogger, jmelli, on Blue Jersey asks - What's the Difference Between Alabama and New Jersey? His answer, “We're not retarded”.

Maybe, as some have suggested, I am wasting my time exposing the over the top postings on that blog, but I think it’s important it not go unchallenged. In this instance, jmelli attempts to smear Republicans and Alabamans as racists by distorting two completely unrelated news stories. He writes:

Yesterday, Trenton mayoral candidate Wiley Fuller Jr. - a Republican who's entire platform is based on racial segregation - received 40 votes - just 0.3% of all votes cast.
Either jmelli didn’t bother to read the article or he hopes his readers are too lazy to verify his spin. Fuller is a black separatist who has taken a page from Lewis Farrakhan’s book. And the political party the mayoral candidate supposedly represents – Fuller calls it the African Republican Party. Fuller explains:

"Blacks in this country made a major mistake when they fought for integration. Integration ruined the black community in terms of economics, education, everything."

"Blacks would have had their own commerce and schools. Think of all the money that goes outside of the black community? Man, blacks should be boogeying right now. We could have been billionaires."

"I don’t necessarily want to be mayor of Trenton. I want my political party -- the African Republican Party -- to gain recognition."

Fuller alleges that his self-created party includes 300 documented members.

It’s amazing how the complexion of the story changes with the facts. Fuller does not represent the Republican Party or anything the party stands for. Anyone who bothered to read the article would have realized it.

The second half of jmelli's posting doesn't get any better. To further his race baiting he tries to tie the Fuller as a Republican nonsense to his next distortion:

In November, 2004, the voters of Alabama were offered a chance to remove antiquated language requiring segregated schools from their state constitution. 50.07% of voters - or about 691,000 residents, voted AGAINST it.

I'll take the funny cancer-causing water and marginally breathable air over racist rednecks any day.

By now you have caught on that there’s more to this story than jmelli would lead you to believe. First as you know, that antiquated language in Alabama's constitution has long since been trumped by federal law and practice in the state.

Second, the amendment before the voters had had two main parts: the removal of the separate but equal school language and the removal of a passage that said Alabama's constitution does not guarantee a right to a public education.

Opponents of the amendment said they had no problem with removing the separate-schools language, but feared court ordered tax increases would result with the removal of the second passage in the amendment. The writer of the linked article, Manuel Roig-Franzia, dismisses the opponents reasoning and says the fear of tax increases was “ridiculed by the state's newspapers and by legions of legal experts”.

Manuel Roig-Franzia and jmelli would rather pin the amendment’s defeat on racism. Others might question why the removal of the odious separate schools language was purposely tied to removal of the language dealing with a right to a public education, especially in light of public concern over the tax implications.

I believe the proponents of the amendment had hoped by playing the racism card that they could achieve their real objective – opening the door for court ordered tax increases for school funding – just as opponents feared. I’d bet the amendment would have passed by a wide margin if the measure had been limited to removing the separate but equal passage. I also have no doubt the same newspapers and legions of legal experts would be signing a different tune had the constitutional amendment been approved.

I offer as exhibit ‘A’ New Jersey’s court rulings that led first to an income tax and more recently to the highest property taxes in the country based on the innocuous "thorough and efficient" education language in New Jersey’s constitution. As exhibit ‘B’ I offer the fact Alabamans have not subsequently been asked to vote on an amendment removing the separate but equal language from their constitution.

So I’ll answer jmelli’s question - What's the difference between Alabama and New Jersey? The people in Alabama, unlike those in New Jersey, were smart enough to keep tax and spending decisions out of the courts and before voters. They were also smart enough to see through race baiters and legions of legal experts with an axe to grind and an ulterior motive.

People that cry racism and play the race card for their own political ends trivialize and undermine the struggle for racial equality. Legitimate cases of racial discrimination become lost in a cacophony of baseless charges of racism and people begin to tune out real problems. Blue Jersey’s jmelli should be ashamed for his distortions, smears and blatant bigotry. He adds to ignorance, works to divide Americans and hurts us all.
Anonymous Jim - PRS said...

Very well said.

5:11 AM  
Blogger PN said...

The patron saint of Blue Jersey is Daily Kos. The BJ bloggers are mostly preaching to the choir. The "party of nuance" has been hijacked by a howling mob.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Enlighten said...

Keep up the good work. Just don’t expect them to comment or respond in anyway to your rebuttals. They fear anyone with facts and a logical argument. Consider their silence an acknowledgement that you have won the debate.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Ken Adams said...

Enlighten's right, with one exception. Any response you get will be a personal attack, not a reasoned argument against your conclusions.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

I'm going to respond in a way that is not at all a personal attack. Of course, I'm not from Blue Jersey, but I am a Democrat. It's just that, in all honesty, I find the priorities exhibited here a little strange.

That BJ article was wacko. Anyone with a brain who reads it and then actually follows the links can see that - misrepresenting a black separatist as a white republican.

However, as I said, your priorities still baffle me. You insinuate that you care about racial inequality, but then use the opportunity to, once again, complain about high taxes and high spending (on education - this is the second time I've read you complain about spending too much on education). I'm sorry if you're paying what you categorize as too much on your property taxes. I'm sorry that you don't believe the government should be spending so much money to educate our children. The comparison of that, however baffling, to such a poignant social ill as racial inequality is overreaching, however, and though I know you're preaching to the choir on this blog, I'd hate to let you get away with it.

There are real problems in the world. Poverty in the United States is staggering, and no one seems to notice on your end of the building. The crime rate goes up, yet republicans constantly defend not only the second amendment, which in itself would be commendable - you say nothing while a ban on assault weapons is allowed to expire - ASSAULT WEAPONS. Do you really feel like you have a right to buy an AK47 at a gun show without a background check? And yet, the most frequent complaints we hear from the run-of-the-mill republican are 1. taxes are too high, 2. the government spends too much money.

I'm sorry, I just don't buy it. Let the personal attacks against me from your readers begin.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Chanice said...

I’m happy you agree with me that the Blue Jersey article was wacko and purposely misrepresented the facts. Unfortunately, you didn’t give us your insight into why you think jmelli wrote it and Blue Jersey posed it. I figured it out. Did you read my follow-up posting exposing jmelli’s motive? A Democratic candidate for Alabama attorney general, a Holocaust denier and a white supremacist was coming to Newark that weekend to speak to a ‘pro-white’ organization. This apparently triggered a need in jmelli to paint Republicans as racists and Alabamans as retarded and racists.

Now let me tell you what I find “a little strange”, You say that you are not from Blue Jersey or even New Jersey and yet you found your way to my little blog to take issue with my priorities. After admitting the jmelli posting was “wacko” your comments went way off the topics being discussed in this posting. Why did you change the subject and pick up where jmelli left off – bashing Republicans?

The purpose of my posting was to reveal jmelli’s misrepresentations, race baiting and the motivation of those behind the Alabama referendum he cited. I used New Jersey as an example to show what happens when courts, not voters decide public spending issues. New Jersey court rulings on education spending have not brought about equality in any sense of the word, for children or for taxpayers. I believe educational achievement should be the goal, not how much money the state can possibly spend. I’m sorry you find my priority baffling.

You’re baffled because I believe the vast, vast majority of people in the United States are not racists. I’m baffled as to why you brought up a gun control law in your defense of the Blue Jersey article.

Problems exist in the world, but they aren’t solved by people writing “wacko” blog postings or by others defending them. “I'm sorry, I just don't buy it.”

11:00 AM  
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