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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blue Jersey Mystery Solved - Truth Revealed

I wondered why jmelli, on Blue Jersey, tried to tie two completely unrelated stories together in an attempt to smear “red state” Alabamans and New Jersey Republicans as racists. As I previously pointed out, the jmelli posting was dishonest and purposely misleading.

The recent Trenton news story jmelli linked to had nothing to do with Republicans and the 2004 article about Alabama he completely twisted to paint Alabamans as racists. I’m used to reading distortions and bizarre logic on Blue Jersey, but the linking of a story about a black separatist candidate in Trenton to an old story about a referendum in Alabama, really seemed to come from left field. It left me wondering what prompted jmelli to put these two stories together?

Now I know - jmelli was engaged in a preemptive move to protect Democrats. He must have known a Democratic candidate for Alabama attorney general, a Holocaust denier, was scheduled to speak in Newark, New Jersey this weekend to “a ‘pro-white’ organization that is widely viewed as being racist”. Jmelli’s posting was a pathetic attempt to tie Alabama racists to New Jersey Republicans in order to deflect potential bad publicity for New Jersey Democrats.

The truth is that racists come in all skin colors, are members of all major and minor political parties and reside in all states and countries throughout the world. This truth ruins the leftist meme that Americans and white Republicans in particular are the evil racists on this planet.

The good news and the reality of the situation is that racism has been on a steep and steady decline in the United States. A racist message does not sell any better in Alabama than it does in New Jersey. Larry Darby, the racist Democrat running for AG in Alabama is at 12 percent in state polls.

For some reason the bloggers on Blue Jersey didn’t want you to know the truth, but wanted to keep the race baiting theme alive. Keep this example and jmelli’s motives in mind when you read postings on that blog - caveat emptor.
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