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Monday, May 01, 2006


The caption with the photograph tell us this is a man in Los Angeles urging passing truckers to stage a general strike, or "huelga.".

So how was your day without illegal immigrants? I commuted into the city, put in my usual ten hours, had my normal commute home and didn’t notice any difference. Fausta reporting from Princeton didn’t see anything out of the ordinary either.

In Bound Brook, NJ things were a bit different, with a row of businesses including temporary employment agency, a diner, a taxi company and a hair salon all closed.

"People are already feeling the impact. There are no cars in the street and no one is buying anything,'' said Jerry Toribio, the owner of P&P Temps, Inc.

Toribio was not taking the day off, though. He said he had to do his payroll so that the hundreds of illegal aliens who work for him would be able to get paid on Friday.
Illegal aliens in America, redefining chutzpah.
Blogger taxmaxed said...

I was in Dallas on business during the big "strike"; Dallas being a city with a Mexican population of 40 to 50% depending on which news station I watched. Anyway, I didn't notice anything different, I was able to check in early at my hotel with no problem, with the regular complement of maids and service people taking care of things. We even went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and had no problems. So, so much for the big strike.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Fausta said...

"the hundreds of illegal aliens who work for him"
And why isn't he fined for violating the law?

As for the big strike, nothing here.

11:46 AM  
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