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Sunday, May 07, 2006

It’s the Taxes, Stupid

New Jersey voters' biggest concerns, by a 41 percent margin, are state and local taxes according to recent a Quinnipiac poll. Reading our friends on the left, you’d think our state’s hot button issues were Iraq, “universal healthcare”, stem cell research, “rolling back the Bush tax cuts”, illegal immigrants’ rights, gay marriage, the environment and abortion.

"When you ask people what's bothering them, with the whole world of troubles to pick from and without any prompting, to draw 41 percent is a very big number," said Clay Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.
Governor Jon Corzine’s agenda and priorities are out of sync with peoples’ concerns. I believe that’s why he became so unpopular so quickly. He said some things people wanted to hear during the campaign:

“It’s a fact: New Jerseyans are paying too much in property taxes ... As a former businessman, Corzine has never seen a budget he couldn’t cut – and that experience will allow him to scrub the state budget, line-by-line, and use the savings for property tax relief.”
But, if you paid attention, it was obvious Corzine’s property tax relief plan, now largely abandoned, was introduced during the campaign to counter the Republican Doug Forrester’s property tax reduction plan. His real agenda was more state taxpayer financed goodies, from taxpayer backed “business investments’ to expanded government healthcare plans. Review Corzine’s proposed budget and you’ll see it tracks with his desire to expand government. People heard “cut spending” and “property tax relief “and tuned everything else out. Buyer’s remorse has quickly set in now that it's obvious Corzine favors spending and tax increases.

So as Democrats run around New Jersey campaigning for this fall’s congressional races, will Republican leaning districts be swayed to Democrats who have for years called for the repeal of the “Bush tax cuts”, “universal healthcare”, stem cell research, etc.? I don’t think so, no matter what they think about the situation in Iraq and George Bush.
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