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Monday, May 08, 2006

New Jersey Democrats on the Down Low

Blue Jersey bloggers are well beyond low. Their postings are juvenile, profane and so far to the left, Noam Chomsky would be considered conservative by comparison.

I bring this to your attention because incumbent congressional Democrats and those running for congress have become members of the Blue Jersey blog community. Do we really want New Jersey represented by people who pander to and align themselves with “activists” of this ilk?

To give you just two examples of what I’m talking about, check out these quotes. The first is from a guy who calls himself Media in Trouble:

Personally, I don't like too many cops. They always come up to my car and treat me as if I am a terrorist loving communist. That's before they even find out that I really am a terrorist loving communist.
This second example comes from another regular contributor to Blue Jersey, DBK, who recently wrote this on his personal blog:

I can't believe I have to say this, but Iran's leadership has more credibility than the United States leadership. I don't like saying that, either, but it is true.
If you haven’t visited Blue Jersey before, you should. Read their blog postings and decide for yourself if you want to vote for someone who helps promote nasty, immature and irrational political discourse.

I’m calling out the congressman and challengers making “their voices head” on Blue Jersey because the media have overlooked this story. The people of New Jersey should know just how low these candidates are willing to go for campaign support.

Camille Abate - Challenger New Jersey's 5th Congressional District

Paul Aronsohn - Challenger New Jersey's 5th Congressional District

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.- Incumbent New Jersey's 6th Congressional District

Assemblywoman Linda Stender - Challenger for New Jersey's 7th Congressional District

Congressman Steve Rothman – Incumbent New Jersey's 9th Congressional District

Congressman Rush Holt - New Jersey's 12th Congressional District
Blogger Ken Adams said...

Great point, Chanice. Too bad the Congresscritters and the wannabes won't take up your challenge. They'd rather preach in the echo chamber than engage in real debate with you.

9:09 PM  
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