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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Progressive Assault on Healthcare

Dr. Sanity writes: “That's what it has come down to. Either you do it the "progressive" way; or they will label you as vermin and attack you with all the firepower of their rhetorical armament. "Progressives" aren't really interested in what works to achieve the desired result in the real world; they are more interested in what makes them feel virtuous”

Socialized healthcare is a great example of an issue the left loves to feel virtuous about without any concern for cost or actual results. Take a recent posting, Money Driven Medicine, from my new best friend Matt (See comments from Matt on my postings here and here.)

One of the great fights we're going to have again over the next four years is in health care. The great mystery is that the system is both awful and expensive, and that national health care is something that people want, and yet it doesn't happen, year after year.

Or rather, it's not a mystery. Go through the FEC statements and you'll find $5k donation after $5k donation to politicians of both parties (though more to the R party) from all sorts of actors in the medical system.

This book is the beginning of the progressive assault on those entrenched interests. I'll be blogging various thoughts on the corruption of the medical system as I go through it.
We’re just suppose to take Matt’s word for it that the American medical system is awful and the majority of the American people are clamoring for the government to take complete control over one more area of our lives.

Our medical system is awful compared to what, some idea of perfection Matt and company have in their progressive little heads? And does anyone believe if the government took over the entire healthcare industry that quality would increase, costs would decrease and innovation would continuo apace? Please, show me one country in the world where this has happened under nationalized healthcare.
Anonymous Dave Makkar said...

New Jersey is the most corrupt state in the world
Corzine says massive corruption in the state not under his jurisdiction!

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