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Monday, May 22, 2006

When Will Abbott Graduate?

I don’t know how old Author Raymond Abbott was in 1981 when he sued New Jersey Education Commissioner Fred G. Burke for a thorough and efficient education. I figure if Abbott started his lawsuit when he was in the first grade, about 6 years-old, he’s now at least thirty-one. Is this guy ever going to finish school?

Today, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued another new ruling ordering the state to come up with more money for new schools the SCC is building.

The schools had told the court that the costs associated with opening the new schools- which the court said the state had to pay to build as one of the rulings in the Abbott v. Burke lawsuit- would be around $80 million. The state said the task could be done for around half that amount.
As a general rule I’m against social promotion, but in this case why don’t we just give Abbott his diploma.
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