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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Menendez Has Not Been Charged

Sometimes you just have to laugh when you realize just how low the ethics bar has been set for Democratic candidates in New Jersey. Newsday has this gem from the Associated Press about the U.S. Senate race between Tom Kean and Bob Menendez.

At the moment, the Kean campaign is attempting to portray Menendez as a corrupt power broker. Several prominent Hudson County Democrats have been convicted or pleaded guilty in corruption cases in recent years, but Menendez has not been charged.
As The New York Times said: “[Menendez] has long been an entrenched de facto leader of the Hudson County Democratic Machine and "does not represent a clean slate”. And The Star-Ledger: Menendez is the Boss in Hudson County, which is ground zero for the state’s corruption problem
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