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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Newark Is Changing

Blogger has been giving me fits lately. Every time I tried to post I got nowhere, so I gave up trying the past few days. With very good news, I decided to give it another try today:

A slate of supporters of Newark Mayor-elect Cory Booker swept a runoff election Tuesday for six seats on the municipal council, handing the new mayor a mandate for change.

The result seals a transformation of government in New Jersey's largest city. At the top is Booker, a 37-year-old former Rhodes Scholar, who was elected mayor in May with 72 percent of the vote. All nine members of the city council are members of his "Booker Team" slate.

"It is really a historic embrace of change in the city of Newark, and I am so profoundly grateful to the residents to give such an endorsement to my administration and my team," Booker said.
Booker now has the opportunity to really make a dramtic change in Newark and in the lives of the city’s people. Change is happening in New Jersey and I'm excited
Anonymous Jim - PRS said...

I wish him and the residents of Newark well. This really is a milestone.

8:56 PM  
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